Friday, June 5, 2009

Sleepy Summer Mornings

This morning I drug myself out of bed at the ungodly hour of 7:00, actually more about 7:20ish, because Brandon's 2 girls had bicycle safety days at their summer camps today. Any school day and I'd be up and going long before 6:00 am but my summer mornings are precious and reserved for sleep. Anyhow, we piled ourselves and the bikes into the Sequoyah and headed out. Brandon said, "Pack your bathing suit just in case." With him... you never know where exactly that will lead you. So I did and off we went. After dropping the girls off we drove towards Ocoee with the temperature at this point being a chilly 63 degrees and no sun in sight. So I'm thinking, we aren't taking boats, paddles or life jackets.... we have to be going swimming somewhere. His plans were for us to drive up to the blue holes and waste time swimming a bit before we headed to Rock Creek so he could try on some helmets for kayaking.

Needless to say I backed out of the swimming part and forgot to even take my camera to the blue holes. However, we plan on going back SOON, when the sun returns that is, and I hope to have some great pictures to share with you. If you live in this area and you've never been to the Ocoee, you really MUST make a trip this summer. I've forgotten how amazing that river is even without the mass of water flowing through it. The rocks of the river bed that give it the "whitewater" classification really are amazing uncovered. Anyhow, this afternoon since it is so cool outside I finished planting some flowers in the flower bed and hanging baskets and I think the front of his house is really shaping up nicely. The rocks that we got to line the flower beds are one of a kind... and I'll never tell where we got them. :) I hope to tear down the back deck and lay down some pavers to make a stone patio and MOVE THE GRILL TO THE BACK OF THE HOUSE. The picture above is of the front of the house so far. Hope you enjoyed some time outside on this fantastic Friday... I'm just looking forward to a bit cheerier weather soon!

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