Friday, June 19, 2009

I don't wanna grow up...

In my last post I mentioned something about adding some pictures from our BBQ... sorry if I got your hopes up. We took none. What I MEANT to say was that I was going to add some pictures of the rope swing that Brandon built for our front yard. It's big enough for his two girls and two of their friends to sit on comfortably at the same time... without having to do the "spider" trick. PLUS I'm pretty sure at some point Brandon was on there with all 4 of them while he was holding a baby. You just had to have been there. I guess we all have a bit of kid left in us somewhere.

Anyhow, it's really cool and the kids love it. And obviously so do the adults. The first picture is the old swing... which Brandon had to try one last time before we cut it down. It's also for sale by the way... it'll be in the yard sale we're having NEXT weekend: SATURDAY June 27th from 8AM-1PM out on Harrison Pike just down from Phillipi Baptist Church. Be sure to come check it out. We're getting rid of some great toys the kids don't play with anymore, some furniture, Christmas decorations, clothing and MUCH more. Every thing is priced to go and if you don't like the price... make us an offer! Hope to see you there!

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