Thursday, June 4, 2009

This almost became my finger...

Brandon and I were out on the Hiwassee this past Saturday and I eddied-out behind some rocks and trees in order to do some filming for him so he can watch his own techniques in order to improve. Well, needless to say I got a bit sidetracked when I noticed that the spot I was holding on to was also being occupied by this little critter:

It's been so long since I've actually SEEN a millipede or a centipede that I'm unsure which one it is. I'm gonna have to do some googling. Anyhow, we took a "High Adventure" nature walk today through the woods behind our house to get some cane for the peppers in the garden. I came back with a few scrapes and Brandon came back with a tick... which we promptly removed and popped. I had no idea those suckers would actually POP when you heat them with fire. Anyhow... here's a picture of our garden.
It's really starting to look good and we picked our first banana pepper today. I'll load some video of Brandon and his buddies up here soon. Happy trails...

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